Trends in Functional Programming, Volume 10

Selected papers from the Tenth Symposium on Trends in Functional Programming (TFP09),
Selye Janos University, Komarno, Slovakia
Zoltán Horváth and Viktória Zsók and Peter Achten and Pieter Koopman (editors)
Intellect, UK/The University of Chicago Press, USA
ISBN 978-1-84150-405-6

Table of Contents

Graph-based Communication in Eden 1–16
Thomas Horstmeyer and Rita Loogen
Compiling Concurrency Correctly: Cutting out the Middle Man 17–32
Liyang Hu and Graham Hutton
Towards Compiling SAC to CUDA 33–48
Jing Guo and Jeyarajan Thiyagalingam and Sven-Bodo Scholz
Low Pain vs No Pain Multi-core Haskells 49–64
Mustafa Aswad and Phil Trinder and Abdallah Al Zain and Greg Michaelson and Jost Berthold
An Operational Semantics for Distributed Lazy Evaluation 65–80
Lidia Sánchez-Gil and Mercedes Hidalgo-Herrero and Yolanda Ortega-Mallén
On Graph Rewriting, Reduction and Evaluation 81–96
Ian Zerny Best Student Paper
A Reflection-based Proof Tactic for Lattices in Coq 97–112
Daniel W. H. James and Ralf Hinze
Generic Programming for Domain Reasoners 113–128
Johan Jeurnig and José Pedro Magalhães and Bastiaan Heeren
Haskell Module Tools for Liberating Type Class Design 129–144
Wolfram Kahl
Signals, Not Generators! 145–160
Wolfgang Jeltsch
Braincurry: A Domain-specific Language for Integrative Neuroscience 161–176
Tom Nielsen and Tom Matheson and Henrik Nilsson