Trends in Functional Programming, Volume 8

Selected papers from the Eighth Symposium on Trends in Functional Programming (TFP07),
New York City, USA, April 2-4, 2007.
Marco T. Morazán (editor)
Intellect, Bristol, UK.
ISBN 978-1-84150-196-3

Table of Contents

Space-Efficient Gradual Typing 1-18
David Herman and Aaron Tomb and Cormac Flanagan Best Student Paper
A Metalanguage for Structural Operational Semantics 19-35
Matthew Lakin and Andrew Pitts
AHA: Amortized Heap Space Usage Analysis 36-53
Marko van Eekelen and Olha Shkaravska and Ron van Kesteren and Bart Jacobs and Erik Poll and Sjaak Smetsers
Unifying Hybrid Types and Contracts 54-70
Jessica Gronski and Cormac Flanagan
Towards a Box Calculus for Hierarchical Hume 71-88
Gudmund Grov and Greg Michaelson
unreadTVar: Extending Haskell Software Transactional Memory for Performance 89-104
Nehir Sonmez and Cristian Perfumo and Srdjan Stipic and Adrian Cristal and Osman S. Unsal and Mateo Valero
Property Directed Generation of First-Order Test Data 105-123
Fredrik Lindblad
Designing a Generic Graph Library Using ML Functors 124-140
Sylvain Conchon and Jean-Christophe Filliatre and Julien Signoles
Hop Client-Side Compilation 141-158
Florian Loitsch and Manuel Serrano
Constructing Correct Circuits: Verification of Functional Aspects of Hardware Specifications with Dependent Types 159-176
Edwin Brady and James McKinna and Kevin Hammond