Trends in Functional Programming, Volume 6

Selected papers from the Sixth Symposium on Trends in Functional Programming (TFP05),
Tallinn, Estonia, September 23-24, 2005
Marko van Eekelen (editor)
Intellect, UK/The University of Chicago Press, USA
ISBN 978-1-84150-176-5

Table of Contents

A New Approach to One-pass Transformations 1--13
Kevin Millikin Best Student Paper
A Static Checker for Safe Pattern Matching in Haskell 15--30
Neil Mitchell and Colin Runciman
Software Metrics: Measuring Haskell 31--46
Chris Ryder and Simon J. Thompson
Type-specialized Serialization with Sharing 47--62
Martin Elsman, Kenichi Asai
Logical Relations for Call-by-value Delimited Continuations 63--78
Kenichi Asai
Epigram Reloaded: a Standalone Typechecker for ETT 79--94
James Chapman and Thorsten Altenkirch and Conor McBride
Formalisation of Haskell Refactorings 95--110
Huiqing Li and Simon J. Thompson
Systematic Search for Lambda Expressions 111--126
Susumu Katayama
First-class Open and Closed Code Fragments 127--144
Morten Rhiger
Comonadic Functional Attribute Evaluation 145--162
Tarmo Uustalu and Varmo Vene
Generic Generation of the Elements of Data Types 163--178
Pieter W. M. Koopman and Rinus Plasmeijer
The Embounded Project (Project Start Paper) 195--210
Kevin Hammond et al
Mobile Resource Guarantees (Project Evaluation Paper) 211--226
Donald Sannella et al