Trends in Functional Programming, Volume 5

Selected papers from the Fifth Symposium on Trends in Functional Programming (TFP04),
November 25-26th 2004, Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany.
Hans-Wolfgang Loidl (editor)
Intellect, Bristol, UK.
ISBN 1-84150-144-1

Table of Contents

Proof Support for General Type Classes 1-16
Ron van Kesteren and Marko van Eekelen and Maarten de Mol Best Student Paper
Generic proofs for combinator-based generic programs 17-32
Fermin Reig
Building certified components within FOCAL 33-48
Catherine Dubois and Therese Hardin and Veronique Viguie Donzeau Gouge
Calculating an Exceptional Machine 49-64
Graham Hutton and Joel Wright
Generalizing the AUGMENT 65-78
Neil Ghani and Tarmo Uustalu and Varmo Vene
Alice Through the Looking Glass 79-96
Andreas Rossberg and Didier Le Botlan and Guido Tack and Thorsten Brunklaus and Gert Smolka
Experiments with GHC's Optimiser 97-112
Laszlo Nemeth
Disjoint Forms in Graphical User Interfaces 113-128
Sander Evers and Peter Achten and Rinus Plasmeijer
A Graphic Functional-Dataflow Language 122-144
Silvia Clerici and Cristina Zoltan