The TFP proceedings from 1999 to 2009 have been published as a book by Intellect. Below you can find scanned images of previous proceedings we produced. The publication as a book helps to present the papers in a uniform format and provides a consistent presentation of the papers.

Starting with TFP10, proceedings are published by Springer and indexed via the Springer Link pages. Prior to that, proceedings have been published by Intellect, and a list is available via DBLP and more recently at TFP07, TFP08, TFP09.

Special issues of HOSC and COMLAN have published revised, best papers from TFP instances, most recently COMLAN: Computer Languages, Systems & Structures, Vol. 44 , Part B 2015.

A List of papers in past TFP proceedings (Bibtex) is available, as well as tables of contents for the individual volumes:

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